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The Japanese Rocket Ship - Ki200 War Thunder Gameplay

Apparently this thing can turn fight F100's and Mig17's on autopilot. Come check out the Ki200, a rocket powered glider with 30mm cannons.

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Big thanks for allowing me to use your music!

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The Japanese Rocket Ship - Ki200 War Thunder Gameplay WhooptieDo
WhooptieDo : Go check out Rogue's new track! This guy deserves tons more exposure for his talent!
Dilet : Ah, the only plane i have more than a 1.5 to 1 kdr in...
Alpha Gamer : Bro honestly, I was playing the Me 163 all wrong before your helpful advice and after utilizing your advice I just kept my fuel throttled at 17% to keep gliding without landing at the airfield for refuel and rearm
George North : A quirk with both this and the 163 is that the fuel consumption is not proportional with the throttle. If you leave the throttle at 75% you get double the amount of fuel time and you only lose 23% thrust. At 50% you get 4x the fuel time and lose 47% thrust, at 25% throttle you can hold 550 kph IAS at sea level and you're barely using fuel, at 25% every second of fuel is 35 seconds real time which means 3 hours of flight time at 550 kph IAS.
Ekl Haft : Oh freeze frame and I thought it was just me.
Acookie Gimme : Hold up the 30mm tracer rounds should have 900-ish m/s velocity. 700 is for other type of projectiles is it not?
Gianluca Noé : this plane is an absolute beast
Succulent Ravioli : Rocket engines are controllable. You are probably confusing it with solid fuel rockets
Dub Dots : It actually just wasn’t “on and off” it had 4 power levels IRL.
Truman E : the ki200 looks an awful lot like the me163 hmmmmmmm

WWII Animations: Ki-200 intercepts a B-29 raid over Japan. 1945

NO Copyright Infringement Intended, I Don't own the rights of this ANIMATION.
Silber : Disclaimer: This animation is not intended to be historical or simulate real events during pacific War.
Alexandre K. : So nice!!!
田中良 : 音速の怒りを思い知れ!
lIl IlI : the best ww2 fighters animation i have seen.. good
Ecko Seven : I leik those kind of nAimations and Clips! Not Always this White washed, one sided Americans/Allies Always Winners! Alternativ WWII is really interresting for me. The Great "What if…" Question!
田所浩二 : 大日本帝国万々歳
ScoopTroop : Did I just watch Japanese propaganda for two minutes? yes
キューピーちゃん : カッコいいと思っても人殺しの兵器なんだよね。ただ、日本が今日あるのは、過去の蓄積にあるのだと思える。
Danielek : Burgers to the bunkers.
Decepticunt69 : It’s a Japanese version of the US bombing raid over Berlin.

KI-200 Plus Ultra ( War Thunder )

KI-200 Plus Ultra ( War Thunder )

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Crusty :
TheDon : Sorry it took so long lol, next video is on the ju 87 d5 stuka
Acookie Gimme : Most of my kills in this thing when I have 1min fuel or less. The lighter the better amirite? In all seriousness I'm comfortable with gliding with 10sec of fuel and 40sec is long enough to try and shoot down a Swift or sumthin
Sincere Eastman : Find the Rocket way better than the ME 163 because of the turn acceleration and the high velocity cannons
Duvdev : Tried to take off with this thing 4 times in the same rb match, 4 deaths. Reaches 150-160kmh and bam no tail 2 minut repair time try again and fail each time. Its bugged and unusable right now.
jerckï72 : mark108s... disliked
Kyri Matsangos : Finally fookin got the me163
Bart Blom : 1. climb to 6km alt
2. throttle down to 20-30%
3. find enemies
4. get lost in a turnfight
5. realize you are out of fuel
6. ragequit
Logan greenway : Why did u join muira and leave chill
Allan SDR : I play with this aircraft climbing up to 5000k and cut fuel, better than this tatic. I kill 2/3 planer for match
The_Onionman : the J out game was real tho, people can't be good sports lately




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